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Our mission is to deliver the highest quality concrete solutions to our customers and community. Our objective is to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of quality and service, thereby solidifying our position as a reliable supplier of superior concrete solutions.

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Our History

With three decades of experience since Kerridge Concrete was founded in 1988 by Bill Kerridge, we continue to be a locally owned, operated, and family-run business. We are committed to fostering robust relationships with our customers and local business partners. Our focus is on completing projects within budget and on schedule, working collaboratively and responsibly, and consistently exceeding our customers' expectations of quality and service. Our concrete products, among the best in Calgary, are evidenced by our prompt, reliable delivery and our team's unwavering commitment to excellence.
We are committed to safety as a COR-certified organization, and as a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, we uphold stringent safety standards to ensure projects are completed responsibly and with integrity.


What Our
Are Saying

I have worked with Kerridge Concrete on many projects, and recently completed work on Cabela’s Calgary. For Cabela’s signature floor slabs we required specific concrete mixes considerations, as well as consistency in slump and concrete delivery flow. Kerridge exceeded expectations on every account. The overall experience with dealing with Kerridge Concrete, from order desk to mixer drivers, rates among the best in the city, and we at Chandos hope to continue this working relationship with Kerridge into future projects.

Darcy Dorey

Chandos Construction / Site Superintendent

Kerridge Concrete makes some of the very best concrete in Calgary. Their delivery is prompt, reliable and the staff are always willing to go above and beyond to get a job done.

Kevin Welcher

Elite Formworks Ltd. / Supervisor

"i deal with kerrige dailey ..they drivers are great drivers!! ..without exception .. these are big noises machines but absolutely critical to keep our city growing and not everyone will be pleased getting behind one or having one in front of their house .. as for the actual concrete ..its excellent ..finishes beautifully every time ..qc on-site doing their jobs every day ..brad at the order desk is also exceptional ..super friendly guy with a lifetime of knowledge and good concrete advice ..these guys are super busy and do a great job getting quotes out asap … i have used all the concrete companies and these guys are the ones i always recommend and use ..i know and trust the concrete and the drivers"

Tim Jones

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Our Team

We prioritize safety and leverage automated systems to maintain effective communication across all team members, from our batch area personnel to our mixer drivers. As a COR-certified company, many of our staff members have undergone rigorous external safety training. We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our safety policies in line with evolving environments to ensure the highest levels of safety at all times.

Jason Clifford

Technical Manager


Maurice Jones

Residential Sales


John Wall

Safety Officer/Recruiter